NatureWay 2016

We are happy to say that NatureWay 2016 was ultimately a huge success! Each day of the week was filled with unique lessons about various aspects of the environment, along with many hands-on activities. For example, when teaching the kids about zoology, counselors used plaster to model what ancient fossils would have looked like, helping to explain how fossils are created. Other activities included creating a vinegar/baking soda volcano, planting flowers in plastic water bottles, constructing a compost bin, and even tie-dying shirts just for fun. However, the camp was more than just an educational experience for the kids — the counselors learned quite a few things as well. Not only did we learn how to keep children engaged, but we discovered how to create our own lessons in ways that would spark inspiration for learning more about the natural world, as well as a lifelong interest in STEM. Overall, NatureWay was a truly amazing experience for everyone involved, and we thank everyone who participated in the camp and helped make it so rewarding.

Click here for more exclusive pictures of the NatureWay Charity Summer Camp


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