Governor Cooper Call-in Day

Enviva, a corporation that manages wood pellet factories to provide a supplementary fuel source for European countries, is building a wood pellet factory in Richmond County that will result in mass deforestation and lasting environmental health consequences for the already-disadvantaged community. In a coordinated effort to combat this injustice, SEEC recently hosted a call-in event at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Hundreds of students called the offices of Governor Roy Cooper to encourage him to revoke Enviva’s permit to build their factory, and SEEC hopes to continue fighting this issue in the coming months. Watch the video to learn more!


Stories Happen in Forests: A Live Storytelling Event

It was a night filled with inspiration for wanderers, stargazers, and defenders alike… On July 27th, SEEC partnered with the Dogwood Alliance to host an evening of storytelling and community-building in the spirit of forest protection and community justice! The event was held in Motorco Music Hall in Durham and featured live speakers with true, personal stories such as:

  • Gary Phillips, poet laureate of Carrboro
  • TC Muhammad, Hip Hop Caucus
  • Dr. Thomas Easley, Forestry professor and Center for Diversity at NCSU
  • Reverend Leo Woodberry
  • Danna Smith, Dogwood Alliance
  • Jodi Lasseter, Climate Justice Program Director, NC LCV
  • BJ McManama, the Indigenous Environmental Network
  • Margaux Escutin, Bear Afficionado and Durham Activist

The event was a huge success and over 300 people attended. SEEC has more events planned with the Dogwood Alliance! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to get involved with other large organizations!

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SEEC has gone abroad!

For the last week, past Executive Director Kenneth Xu has been visiting public schools in Eastern China and talking to teachers, administrators, and government officials about the importance of environmental education. Through discussions with local educators and interactive lectures for K-12 students (conducted entirely in Mandarin), SEEC has been promoting environmental literacy on a truly global scale this summer. We look forward to continuing this journey as SEEC constantly expands, though we’ll be back in North Carolina for our NatureWay Summer Camp in August!


Welcome to SEEC

Welcome to the blog for the Student Environmental Education Coalition (SEEC)! We are a North Carolina-based, grassroots, non-partisan, and entirely youth-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to cultivate a generation of environmentally literate students.

SEEC’s primary focus for these coming months is activism — we have recently been getting involved with prominent organizations like the Sierra Club and Dogwood Alliance to bring about change together! SEEC has had a very busy year, and with many more events on our calendar, here are just a few of our highlights:

  • Storytelling with Dogwood Alliance: On July 27th, people from all over North Carolina came together to share a night of storytelling and environmental dialogue. The night featured 10 awe-inspiring stories that spoke to the core of what protecting our environment is all about. SEEC and Dogwood hope to continue our partnership to organize future events in the Triangle community!
  • Governor Cooper Call-in Day: Enviva, a corporation that manages wood pellet factories to provide an alternative fuel source, is building a wood pellet factory in Richmond County that will result in mass deforestation and lasting environmental health consequences in the community. This would be disastrous for the environment, which is why we’re holding a call-in day to request Governor Cooper to revoke Enviva’s permit for their factory. Want to learn more? Watch this video:
  • Sierra Club: SEEC is excited to begin a new partnership with Sierra Club, an international nonprofit famous for protecting our environment! SEEC and Sierra Club plan on getting heavily involved in activism in the local community. For example, we are getting involved in protests against Duke Energy raising electricity rates by 15% to pay for their coal ash spill, when Duke should be taking responsibility for their own actions and paying for it themselves.

Stay tuned for more details and events!